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You have worked hard for personal financial security; this you fully understand. But what to do with it, and how to manage it, are often questions overlooked; somehow it will sort itself out. If this describes your approach towards your financial management, then know you are not alone and just by understanding this you are taking the first step towards a secure financial future.


As a business owner, professional or individual in your forties or fifties, you probably have little time to unpack the complexities of personal finance, and if you do, you may find it so overwhelming that you wish you hadn’t started, leaving you disillusioned. As part of the Baby Boomer and Gen X Generation, you are possibly supporting dependants – a spouse, children or elderly parents, and keeping all the balls up in the air is keeping you awake at night. As professionals yourselves, you understand the first step to a future flush with possibilities is to seek professional help.

Regaining control of your financial affairs does not have to be as intimidating as you think. At Collins Mann we too are business owners and Baby Boomers. We understand your stage of life, with the additional benefit of being able to offer financial insights that can assist you to implement a customised financial plan to accommodate, manage and importantly, simplify, your financial affairs.

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