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Our Approach

At Collins Mann we believe that life should be about choice not compromise. However, when you are unaware of the available options, choice can be compromised. Acting as your personal “Chief Financial Officer”, we invest the time, expertise and enthusiasm to understand your needs and goals through our 6-Step Lifestyle of Choice Program as follows:

Step 1: Awareness

Simply put, these are the financial issues that keep you awake at night. They could be one of the following common concerns that our clients have raised:

  • How can I make sure that I meet my day to day living expenses?
  • How would my family cope if I was to be retrenched or have a serious illness or worse still, die?
  • Do I have enough to retire on?
  • What does retirement cost?
  • What do I need in retirement?
  • Will I have enough retirement savings to actually retire?
  • Where do I go and who can I trust to help me?

Be candid and completely honest with yourself. Talk with your family and understand what concerns they may have. Be prepared. Acknowledge every possibility, every eventuality and lay it on the table.

Step 2: Discovery

Having completed a Fact Find questionnaire prior to our second meeting, together we will be able to acknowledge your personal details and current financial position. However, these facts do not provide YOUR complete picture. This is why at this stage of our process we ask you a set of detailed questions which may appear unrelated to finance, however, they are directly related to identifying your financial values, the “importance of money to you” and identifying and setting out clearly your financial goals, both for the short and long term. These are not your run-of-the-mill questions. These questions focus on what is important to YOU and your family.

Step 3: Evaluation

This step evaluates your current financial position and assesses the possibility of you achieving your financial goals identified in the Discovery step.
Issues covered include:

  • Your current financial position: Assets, Liabilities and cash flow. It is imperative to determine the likelihood of your cash flow being sufficient to meet unexpected expenses, as well as day to day living expenses.
  • Outlaying the foundation for your financial future by ensuring that you consider any financial risk. This includes ensuring that adequate personal insurances both life policies, general insurance and any business related insurances are in place and adequate.
  • We assess and model tax effective financial strategies to ensure you achieve both your short and long term financial goals. By assessing currently where you are financially, your strategic investment options can be targeted to meet your financial goals for retirement.

We encourage questions at this time to ensure we are both accountable for your financial goals and outcomes.

Step 4: Implementation

This stage formalises your chosen financial strategy as discussed in Step 3. Once you agree on a strategy, this step works through the relevant recommendations and makes sure these strategies are implemented.

Our goal then is to assist you in gaining a full understanding of this financial strategy along with the recommendations compiled for your individual circumstances.

Step 5: Tracking

Once the financial plan is implemented, this step then puts in place a process to monitor and track how and where your financial position is at any point in time, benchmarking your progress against the original strategic projections. This ensures both parties remain accountable.

Nettshell Pro 

Our web-based tracking model, Nettshell Pro, provides you with clarity and confidence through the visual analysis of your progress. It is a visual analysis that many of our clients find easier to understand that the complexity of tables of numbers. Read more about Nettshell Pro

Step 6: Review

This step is an annual review of your personal circumstances to ensure that your values and goals are still in line with what was important to you when we first implemented the financial plan.

Often there are life changing events that require review and changes to plans. Such changes could involve health or employment, etc. It is conducted at least annually but more often half yearly and re-aligns your values to your goals as your life circumstances change.

What is important to remember here is that there will always be changes to personal circumstances. A good financial adviser together with a good plan will mitigate the risk of life’s changes devastating your finances. Don’t use life’s ups and downs as an excuse not to plan for your future.

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