Negatively Geared Property  

Negatively geared property: it’s something we hear a lot about in investment circles. Debates are ongoing about whether negatively geared property investments are a better investment choice than positively geared properties.   (more…)

Early Release of Super 

Are you considering or seeking an early release of super? Unsure about what is required or whether it is permitted? There are a number of factors that contribute to whether or not an individual can…
early release of super

Active Vs Passive Investing  

There are two schools of thought over whether active vs passive investing is best. The majority of experienced investors or wealth managers will prefer one strategy over another. What does each strategy entail and…
Difference Between Active vs Passive Investing

Superannuation Changes You Need to Know

With a new financial year looming it is time for self-managed super fund members to review any superannuation changes. This allows for challenges and hidden benefits that may have been missed to be…
superannuation changes

Where Should I Put My Money?  

The most common question we are asked as financial advisors is, ‘Where should I put my money?’ or ‘Where should I put my savings?’ Both are excellent questions with slightly different variations. …
where should I put my money

Salary Sacrifice and Superannuation

If you are working as an employee, you have probably been offered the option to salary sacrifice to boost your superannuation. But what exactly is salary sacrifice and is it something you should be pursuing in relation to boosting your…
salary sacrifice