Have you secured your financial future?

Have you secured your financial future? If not, make it a New Year’s resolution and let us assist you on your way…

Most of our new clients have one of these major financial concerns:

  • We don’t seem to be making any financial headway. We’re no better off than last year and we don’t know where our money goes.
  • We might not have enough to retire on, but we don’t know what we’ll need.
  • We have no financial plan. We plan our working life and our holidays but not our financial future.

If this sounds like you, Collins Mann’s values-based approach to financial planning can help…

Who seeks our help?

At Collins Mann, we are known for helping individuals and couples who have reached that stage in life where addressing their financial affairs is imperative for their future financial security. It is also both complex and daunting.

Our clients lead challenging professional lives. As time goes by they also invariably face increasingly complex personal financial issues. This complexity often means that they are either ill-equipped to deal with the issues personally or are time poor and need professional  guidance.

Their most common financial concerns are: paying off their mortgage, superannuation, budgeting, saving, wealth accumulation, taxation questions, education costs, insurances and estate planning. While their own retirement plans are on the horizon, increasing numbers of our clients are also dealing with ageing parents, unexpected health issues and, dare we say it, relationship issues and divorce.

Our values-based approach

We believe that, “The value of money is not in how much you have, but rather in how you use it”. It’s this sort of thinking that has led Collins Mann to develop our values-based approach to financial planning.

People view money – and the role it plays in their particular life – very differently. Our aim is to understand your view and to build meaningful conversations around that. Put simply, we have no preconceived ideas and we certainly won’t categorise you on the basis of your age, gender, family circumstances or profession. Our approach is a far cry from traditional financial questionnaires you may have seen that pigeonhole you without really understanding why money is important to you and what you value most in life.

New clients are often surprised when we don’t only ask about why money is important to them, but also about what life experiences they’d like for themselves and their family. Our approach opens up discussions that allow clients to consider how their money may contribute to the actual meaning of their life. This is very different to the purely financial question of whether or not they may achieve a return on an investment. Indeed, we believe our values-based approach is a new paradigm.

Values-based financial planning outcomes

  • Our clients engage in a meaningful process that aims to identify their values and how these may be achieved financially. We then create an individualised financial plan that clearly allows our clients to match their financial goals with their values and aspirations.
  • Our clients regain control of their finances and are no longer financially intimidated. We are able to offer financial insights for different stages of life that assist our clients to implement a customised financial plan that accommodates, manages and importantly, simplifies, their financial affairs.
  • Our clients access a bespoke ‘show-and-tell’ financial tool – MyUltimateGoal – to help them picture and manage their financial affairs. The tool, only available to Collins Mann clients, gives them the clarity and confidence to understand where they are at any time and where they are heading financially in relation to their lifetime goals.
  • Our clients experience peace of mind in relation to their financial affairs.

To find out more about our values-based financial planning approach and how it can help you to live a life of choice and not compromise, contact Mark or Russell at Collins Mann.

Financial Services

Our services include:

  • Values-based financial planning.
  • Wealth accumulation strategies.
  • Tax-effective strategies.
  • Risk management.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Estate planning.
  • Divorce financial settlement analysis.


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