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High Net Worth Financial Planning


Financial Planning with Brisbane based Collins Mann

High net worth financial planning in Brisbane is an increasingly specialised discipline within the financial planning industry. As the percentage of high net worth individuals grows, so too does the range and complexity of planning work to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Today’s economic climate presents a myriad of challenges, requiring careful navigation by professionals with proven expertise and pedigree skillsets.  Having a trusted high net worth financial advisor on your advisory team is essential for long term financial success.

The right advisor can work to decrease your risk, increase your wealth, and make sure that what you have is multiplied.  Choosing to engage a high net worth financial planning Brisbane based specialist adviser, involves careful consideration of several factors.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our firm:  

  • Localised financial planning   
  • Zeroing in on the right financial planner  
  • Estate planning   
  • High net worth wealth management  

High Net Worth Financial Planning in Brisbane and the rest of Australia

At Collins Mann, we have extensive experience in working with high net worth individuals and families. Our expertise in all areas of financial planning helps us understand your needs and requirements and tailor a unique approach for your financial portfolio. Financial planning helps you establish your long and short-term monetary goals and develop a balanced plan to meet them.

A sound financial plan is crucial because it helps decrease and possibly eradicate financial distress originating from unexpected situations and expected responsibilities. It is worth noting here that financial planning does not depend on your income level or age. The earlier you start, the better.

However, financial planning is a must if you wish to reach your financial goals.  High net worth financial planning in city centres like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne involves the following:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Finding the Right Advisor
  3. Determining your involvement level
  4. Estate Planning
  5. High net worth Wealth management

Financial planning is a must if you want to reach your financial goals - the earlier you start the better

high net worth financial planning Brisbane

Collaboration with Experts

If you are an individual with high net worth it is imperative that you collaborate with knowledgeable and trusted financial managers who recognize the value of your assets and know how to keep them growing.

Factors such as estate taxes, risk reduction, and legacy planning are different for those with a high net worth. Given the intricate needs of the wealthy, high net worth financial advisors generally maintain fewer clients, unlike regular money managers.

High net worth financial planning in Brisbane, and indeed all of Australia, ensures you obtain a superior degree of personal service and contact. You can collaborate with an advisor who will examine your portfolio holistically to determine the changes required.

The last thing you want is to settle for anything less than the personalised service and proficiency you deserve.

Brisbane high net worth financial planning

Finding the Right Advisor

Locating an advisor experienced in the financial needs of high net worth individuals can be difficult. The market is increasingly being filled with service providers, large and small, who claim expertise in this niche. But, since it is your money and assets that are at stake, you must be diligent and cautious. When looking for the right advisor, you need to consider:

  • their length and quality of experience;
  • the type and level of qualifications and credentials; and
  • whether they specialise in servicing (and limit their client book to) clients like you, ensuring they are available, and understanding, when you need them.

Remember, the process involved in financial planning is fraught with risk but crucial to your future. If you do not have the right advisor yet, it is high time you found one.

High Net Worth Financial Planning

Determine your Involvement Level

Some clients need insight into every facet of their financial planning, identifying the strategies they would like to use, investments they’d like to make, and risks they’d like to take or avoid. At Collins Mann, we welcome this level of partnership since it allows us to better understand your expectations.

We recognize that we are managing your wealth and that you have goals to achieve. Our advisors will support and guide you while allowing you to take charge of your financial future.

Effective high net worth financial planning is directed at maximising your asset position and minimising your risks and liability.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be difficult and challenging, particularly for high net worth individuals. The nuances associated with estate planning are complex and continuously changing. The more your beneficiaries may inherit, the more complex the task is likely to be.

From tax liabilities and laws to myriad legalities, financial considerations to succession laws, there is a lot to consider. A well structured estate plan requires the careful and experienced input of professionals that specialise in organising the estates of high net worth individuals.

Effective high net worth financial planning is directed at maximising your asset position and minimising your risks and liability, thus protecting the estate you have worked so long and hard to build.

The last thing you want is for your family to have a financial crisis after your demise simply because you did not invest in estate planning.

One of the biggest concerns of an estate plan is ensuring it is continually updated. We recommend that everyone has an estate plan regardless of the assets they own or their net worth.

An estate plan ensures your family and dependents are secured and well taken care of in your absence. Ensure you evaluate your estate plan annually, and especially after a major life event, say illness or divorce. Your family and administrators will have an easier time of it if your estate planning documents are in place.

With the help of a high net worth financial advisor, you can put together a comprehensive and customised financial plan that will factor in family dynamics, your net worth and your philanthropic wishes.

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High Net Worth Wealth Management

When it comes to wealth management by advisors at Brisbane based Collins Mann, high net worth financial planning entails asset management of high net worth individuals (HNWI). It involves a close working association with wealthy clients to identify their monetary needs and help develop a portfolio that attains their financial objectives.

Specialised corporate entities and our experienced high net worth financial planning Brisbane based advisors offer these services. Since most wealthy clients lack the know-how or the time required for efficient wealth management, they consult wealth managers with considerable experience in high net worth financial planning. Brisbane based, servicing individuals and companies around the world, Collins Mann offers bespoke management plans for those looking to secure their financial future over the long term.

A high net worth financial advisor collaborates with their client’s other professional advisors to develop a comprehensive tax effective investment strategy and recommends investment products that align with the client’s monetary objectives and risk tolerance.

High net worth Financial planning is crucial especially for wealthy individuals and their families. At Collins Mann, based in Brisbane, we leverage our expertise in different fields to assist high net worth clients in efficient wealth management by offering an array of specialised financial services.

For reliable high net worth financial planning in Brisbane and around Australia reach out to us at Collins Mann.

Financial Services

Our services include:

  • Values-based financial planning.
  • Wealth accumulation strategies.
  • Tax-effective strategies.
  • Risk management.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Estate planning.
  • Divorce financial settlement analysis.


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