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Not all financial advisors are the same. Delivering superior wealth management for high net worth individuals requires specialist expertise in the specific needs and challenges of larger and more complex asset structures and portfolios. At Collins Mann we know that professional wealth management for high net worth individuals requires careful focus and attention upon the following specific priorities:

  • professional risk analysis and forecasting;
  • strategic asset allocations and management; and
  • transparent reporting and advice.

In this article we outline our approach and how we tailor each of these priorities to individual client circumstances.

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Professional risk analysis and forecasting

Every client comes to us with their own unique risk appetite, goals and preconditioned behaviours. We understand that new consumers of high net worth wealth management services demand tailored services and advice to match their specific needs and expectations.

To achieve success for them requires us to attain a clear understanding of how they have accumulated their wealth, what they want to achieve with it, and what they are prepared to risk in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Identifying risk within each client’s circumstances and portfolio requires:

  • experience knowing how structures and investments perform under varying conditions, and the factors that can affect future results;
  • assessment of client specific risks and challenges arising from their individual personal circumstances, background and outlook (e.g. relationship concerns, business risks, lifestyle choices and, often, extended family influence); and
  • actively monitoring performance and market forecasts and rating client portfolio performance against individually set goals and industry benchmarks.

High net worth individuals typically have more complex arrangements than the average Australian investor, involving:

  • a variety of structures, including trusts, companies, managed schemes and private equity vehicles;
  • an array of investments across different asset classes and jurisdictions; and
  • specific (and sometimes ongoing) taxation and legal concerns and requirements.

We know that it is essential that there is a match between the expertise and experience of the advisor and the client’s specific risk management needs.

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Strategic asset allocations and management

Our clients often have their own wants and desires when it comes to choosing how and where their wealth is invested. They know that what they invest in will make an impact in their own lives and in the companies and organisations they financially support.

We love helping clients to allocate their assets in meaningful ways and sharing in the joy of seeing the benefits of their hard work pay off in the bigger picture. That’s why we spend so much time talking to our clients about what they really value and the implications (for risk and reward) of pursuing various interests in a passionate but carefully stewarded manner.

We help high net worth clients attend to their wealth management with prudence and care, taking into account all of the following factors:

  • diversification across selected industries and jurisdictions to quarantine and manage risk within the client’s chosen sectors;
  • hedging returns and reinvestment opportunities to compound earnings and deliver better-than-market results; and
  • seeking out tax efficiencies and opportunities through appropriate and specialised structuring across relevant asset classes.

In addition, our clients know and understand that high net worth wealth management demands careful attention to record keeping and data collection. We involve all of your other advisors in the decision-making process, giving them full optics and a clear focus on the numbers and issues arising in your portfolio.

“Developing a long-term relationship with a financial advisor – whatever flavour – can often deliver better returns, and help protect your wealth, for future generations.”

Alexandra Cain, Australian Financial Review
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Developing a long-term relationship

Great advisors understand that growing a successful portfolio for high net worth clients takes time and persistence. You need to develop well considered strategies, execute them efficiently and rigorously pursue the overall goals without making rash changes or being too reactive to market fluctuations.

That’s why it is so important for individuals to create lasting relationships with their high net worth specialist wealth management professionals.

“Developing a long-term relationship with a financial advisor – whatever flavour – can often deliver better returns, and help protect your wealth, for future generations.”

Alexandra Cain, Australian Financial Review

At Collins Mann we are committed, not just to getting to know our clients very well but partnering with them for the entire duration of their financial journey, remaining proactive in all communications and dedicated their specific objectives.

It is often in the unplanned conversations that we discover what makes our clients ‘tick’ and what matters to them most, which enables us to tailor our services and their wealth management plans to underscore what they deeply value and want to achieve in life.

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Securing the future

Our advisors have years of experience navigating the financial futures of hundreds of high net worth clients from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

We would love to help you and your family achieve your best financial future by providing you with our outstanding wealth management and financial advisory services.

To find out more about how Collins Mann can service your high net worth wealth management needs, contact one of our specialist financial advisors today.

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