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Retirement Planning Brisbane


Retirement Planning Brisbane

Retirement planning: in major cities across Australia, retirement can be a daunting prospect. Superannuation and retirement are topics many of us avoid; they can induce stress and anxiety. Many of us have no idea what our current financial position is and do not know where to begin when it comes to ensuring our own financial security once we stop working.

With some careful planning, you can approach your retirement with confidence and excitement for the years ahead. At Collins Mann, based in Brisbane, our specialists in retirement planning and private wealth management will assist you to live life to the fullest today and enjoy your retirement to the max tomorrow.  At Collins Mann we specialise in:

  • Self-managed Superannuation Funds;  
  • Superannuation Strategies; and 
  • Estate Planning.  

Things to Consider When Retirement Planning

There are some fairly obvious questions to ask yourself when planning for your retirement such as, When do I want to retire? How much money will I need? How can I ensure I have enough super?

These are all things a retirement planning specialist can help you with and are certainly important aspects of any retirement plan.

However, did you know, you can utilise their expertise in other key areas related to retirement as well? These lesser-known considerations are just as important. Read on to find out how to not only shore up and boost your superannuation balance but plan for a successful retirement.

Comprehensive estate planning ensures that your finances are handled appropriately and as per your wishes in the event of your death

Retirement Planning Brisbane

Self-Managed Super Funds

Self-managed super funds are a consideration for those who take a keen interest in how their money is invested. As trustee of your own account, you will be solely responsible for contributions, investment strategy, taxes, and regulatory compliance. A SMSF is a major financial commitment and requires significant skills and time to make it work.

SMSF Advisor

SMSF Advisors are qualified and licensed professionals authorised to discuss financial matters related to your superannuation. They can:

  • help manage rollover and consolidation of past super funds;
  • advise on contributions both required and voluntary;
  • help with investment strategies and planning;
  • advise about pensions; and
  • ensure you meet your legal obligations in relation to superannuation.

It is important to only engage an advisor that is qualified and legally permitted to consult on matters related to superannuation and retirement planning.

retirement planning specialist

Superannuation strategies

If your current superannuation balance is too low for your planned standard of living in Brisbane or wherever you choose to reside, there are some strategic steps you can take.

  • Consolidate your super funds to ensure you are not paying multiple lots of fees.
  • Consider salary sacrifice and have your employer pay additional super direct to your fund each paycheck, pre-tax.
  • Arrange tax-deductible contributions to your fund.
  • Look at making personal contributions which can attract co-contributions from the government.
  • Review your fund. Ensure your fund is working for you and growing your retirement savings.

Simple changes in how your superannuation is invested, and strategising appropriate and achievable contributions, can help to maximise your retirement income.

Engaging the help of a Brisbane Retirement Planning Specialist can ensure that your retirement is truly one to enjoy

Estate Planning

Arguably one of the most important aspects of your financial affairs and retirement is ensuring that your affairs are in order. Estate planning is particularly important as a standard Will does not always deal with superannuation, joint assets or trusts.

Comprehensive estate planning ensures that your finances are handled appropriately and as per your wishes in the event of your death. If your intention is to have your super paid to a beneficiary, you need comprehensive estate planning, as some funds will direct your super to your estate.

Retirement Planning: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast…or on a beach in Thailand

No matter where you want to spend your retirement, the advice is the same: do not wait until retirement is looming to plan for it!

A successful retirement is one that you plan for your entire working life. Engaging the help of a Brisbane retirement planning specialist can ensure that your retirement is truly one to enjoy.

Don’t just get by after working hard all your life. It is possible to not just survive but thrive in retirement.

Careful planning and small changes can have a big impact on your superannuation. You may even be able to retire sooner than you think!

Go into your retirement prepared and relaxed with provisions made for every circumstance.  Thankfully, retirement planning in Brisbane and across Australia, has never been easier with the experts at Collins Mann.

Financial Services

Our services include:

  • Values-based financial planning.
  • Wealth accumulation strategies.
  • Tax-effective strategies.
  • Risk management.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Estate planning.
  • Divorce financial settlement analysis.


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